Why I am Running

After eight years of Justin Trudeau, everything feels broken. Debt is skyrocketing, taxes
are up, and families are struggling to choose between putting food on the table or
paying utilities. It’s time to elect a government that works for the people, we need a
government that understands what people are going through.

I stood behind Pierre Poilievre during the Conservative Party leadership race. I have
been inspired by how he’s brought together our Conservative movement and given it
the energy needed to ensure in the next election we are successful. We will have a
government that is unwavering commitment to putting people back in the driver’s seat of
their own lives.

Over the last four years, I served as MLA and Minister in the United Conservative Party.
During that time, we were able to bring back jobs and prosperity to our province –
balancing two budgets, creating over 200,000 jobs, and cutting down on government
debt. Alberta is once again the economic engine of Canada. But there are many
challenges ahead. Too many families are struggling to get by, too many seniors are
unable to balance the rising cost of living on their fixed income, and too many young
people are not able to buy houses and get ahead. This is not acceptable. Ottawa has
become the problem.

This is why I am entering this race and committed to fighting for these principles if elected as your MP:

As a proud Canadian, principled conservative, father and husband – I want to ensure that the world my children and your children inherit is a world they can be proud of. 

But I can’t do it alone, I need your support in this nomination race. The date for our nomination could be set any day now and we need to be ready. If you believe in our campaign, please consider renewing your membership in the Conservative Party of Canada, every person 14 and over in your household can have a membership and vote in the nomination.

Eliminate the carbon tax

to make everyday essentials more affordable;

Repeal anti-energy and legislation

and supply our abundant riches to the free world;

End Trudeau's deficit-spending

which drives up the cost of everything;

Support the most vulnerable

Ensure that a Conservative government, supports the most vulnerable in our society

Be a responsive, compassionate

and effective Member of Parliament
for Signal Hill and Calgary.